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Manufacturing Execution System
WEB Business Integration
Mobile and Wireless Business Applications
Consultancy and Projects on demand

ETICA offers solutions of variable complexity based on its own 'MES' (Manufacturing Execution System) products, aimed at achieving the best logistic/production process control performance. Solutions offered by ETICA also implement Web applications for complete integration of departments within the company and more accurate exchange of information with customers, suppliers and contractors.

Starting from a suite of products (MES ETICA) comprised of:

  • Net@pro, a solution for production control
  • Cyberplan, an answer to production planning issues
  • Net@sto, a package for material handling management

ETICA addresses both major corporations, by focussing on design skills for creating targeted, complex solutions, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), by maximising the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of MES ETICA products.

Within corporate logistics, over the years ETICA has acquired experience in remote care and telemonitoring (both for civil and industrial applications), as well as in process control.