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Logistics and production control
Energy and environment

The market where businesses operate has changed dramatically, and consequently business organization has evolved significantly. Over time, market control has changed over from products to customers, and therefore to end users. Nowadays there is a well-established need to monitor, anticipate and control sales phenomena, as well as to predict consumption and market trends.

Logistics is basically a matter of process planning, activity organization and management, and it aims at optimizing material flows and material-related information inside and outside companies. In a conventional view of things, logistics mainly deals with the optimization of material (goods) and immaterial (information) flows within a company.

This is the context where ETICA places its solutions, designed based on its own MES (Manufacturing Execution System) products, to achieve a better logistic/production process control. The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) designed by ETICA becomes an integrated tool which makes companies more flexible and reactive in their decision-making and control processes.

MES ETICA is comprised of the following products:

  • Net@pro, a solution for production control
  • Cyberplan, an answer to production planning issues
  • Net@sto, a package for material handling management

ETICA has recently addressed video surveillance and monitoring problems experienced by its customers.

This experience has led to the development of ETICA Video System, a system which records audio/video flows coming from sources compatible with the RTSP/RTP standard.

ETICA Video System completes the offer of Etica's products for logistics. It can be used as a monitoring system for production lines and systems either in a manufacturing plant or in complex network architectures, such as production chains located in several plants.


A solution for production control in ETICA's MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is offered by Net@Pro, a powerful and innovative tool with integrated management and decision-making support features which allows manufacturing and logistics directors to meet market needs accurately and promptly.

Net@Pro is a management system for the generation and collection of work progress data. It can dialogue with both workers and machines in single workstations, and it can also support factory supervisors in their ordinary management activities.

Net@Pro is a piece of departmental software which can be well integrated with any ERP system existing in a company. Its main task is to manage the manufacturing department, so as to create an Integrated Factory System.

Net@Pro is the ideal tool for manufacturing directors and operations managers who need comprehensive, updated, and reliable information regarding production plan progress, shop floor throughput, deviation from expected standards, quality assurance and checks performed, batch and part number traceability, physical tracking of materials, system/equipment maintenance, and job sequencing.

Our MES is currently a benchmark for similar systems in Italy.

Software per la gestione della produzione e logistica


Within the MES offered by ETICA, Cyberplan manages the activities of production planning and scheduling.

Cyberplan is a software tool based on new-generation APS (Advanced Planning System) techniques, which can respond to customers' requests in real time, combining an efficient use of the company's production resources with customer service optimization.

CyberPlan is designed to extend the potential of ERP systems to the simulation of possible future scenarios. It is intuitive, user-friendly, quick to run, easy to integrate and set up, and it is a leader in production planning and finished capacity scheduling. In addition to this, CyberPlan can be easily integrated with all main ERP systems.

CyberPlan integrates MPS, MRP/CRP, finished capacity scheduling and material constraint management in a single solution, so as to reduce the time required for production planning. Thanks to its features, CyberPlan can manage the whole planning process with a "closed loop approach", where plan feasibility is checked at every stage. CyberPlan can also simulate both the current and the future state of a company, and carry out real-time ‘what if' analyses. CyberPlan allows users to carry out analyses, consider any possible performance improvements for the plan, and have excellent outcome visibility thanks to an intuitive GUI.

Software di pianificazione e programmazione della produzione


An essential element of the Supply Chain for a manufacturer or a distributor is the management of material handling, by which we mean material identification and handling, space management, and product traceability. A correct management of these functions offers companies operating benefits (reduction of operating costs) on one hand, and global benefits on the other hand, i.e. better service provision to customers, inventory control and stock reduction, which in turn offer an economic return.

The right solution for material handling in the MES offered by ETICA is Net@Sto, a modular system for the management of incoming and outgoing material handling, as well as of storage and shipping of raw material, semi-finished and finished products.

Net@Sto manages incoming and outgoing material handling, physical mapping of raw material, semi-finished and finished good warehouses with a dynamic location management, operators' mission optimization, generation of packing lists, loading of means of transport, and the creation of associated transport papers.

Software per la gestione dei materiali

Video System

ETICA Video System is a video server system designed and developed to meet a wide range of needs, covering both civil and industrial applications. In particular:

  • It ensures real-time management of digital information flows: video flows, A/V, inputs from environment sensors
  • It offers end users a comprehensive, efficient content management system with a simple, intuitive GUI
  • Its scalable design and compliance with standard communication protocols ensure its effective integration with various kinds of devices and software (A/V sources, microphones, video cameras, data flows from control machines)
  • Its modular architecture ensures unlimited system scalability
  • Its access control feature allows several rules for data access to be defined

Video Server