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A few years ago ETICA started a close cooperation with healthcare specialists, and we decided to invest our technological know-how in the development of solutions for healthcare innovation. Our first area of action was the efficient and effective organization of logistic processes regarding medication, medical devices, healthcare materials and patient transfers.

This is why we have recently participated in the establishment of CARETEK srl, whose mission is to plan, develop and distribute new emergency and rescue services, as well as a telemonitoring system, designed for weak subjects who still have a fair level of self-sufficiency but need tools which can increase their perceived and real safety in everyday life.

CARETEK member companies are Consoft Sistemi, a company specializing in IT services, Prima Electronics, a company specializing in DOTS (Dedicated Off The Shelf) electronics, and ETICA.

Our first product in this sector is ADAMO, a software system based on a wristwatch which detects several bodily parameters of the person wearing it, as well as some environmental parameters, and sends them at programmable intervals to control stations located anywhere on the territory.


ADAMO was engineered and marketed by industrial partners (ETICA, Consoft Group and Prima Electronics), based on the outcome of a research carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, IT specialists, ergonomists, physicians and biologists together with Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), a Turin-based research establishment.

The software system is based on a wireless terminal integrated in a wristwatch, which was designed and developed to be very user-friendly, since it is aimed at the elderly or the disabled.

An international patent is pending on this technology.

The outcome of this project is a nicely-designed wristwatch which detects both the vital parameters of the person wearing it and information on the surrounding environment. This information is then used by the system to identify anomalous situations and to forward a distress call to an operations centre.

The wristwatch constantly measures

  • Skin temperature, movements of both the hand and the wrist, and heartbeat (if the patient enables this latter function)
  • Temperature and brightness of the surrounding environment
  • Removal of the watch from the wrist and battery charge

By processing the data acquired, ADAMO recognizes anomalous situations, such as:

  • Suspect immobility
  • Feverishness
  • Thermal discomfort

Teleassistenza e telemonitoraggio anziani

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Once they are recorded, these parameters are sent to a control unit located in the house, which stores and processes them, and finally sends them to the operations centre.

ETICA's contribution to the project was the creation of the operations centre which receives and processes the information acquired by wristwatches and sent by base stations connected to wristwatches.

ETICA was involved in the project after being selected following a public call for bids managed by the Torino Wireless Foundation.

The regional government of Piedmont started a pilot project in 2008, and to date about 300 frail and elderly people are monitored. The costs of this service are born by the regional government of Piedmont, and users can apply for the device to the managing bodies.