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Energy and environment

eGlue Technologies is a company of the ETICA Group operating in the energy saving sector. eGlue has developed a product called youMETER, which monitors power consumption in offices, public body's buildings and industry shop floors. The main goal of youMETER is to promote targeted energy saving policies and a more efficient use of energy resources.

You Meter

youMETER is an easy-to-install, user-friendly system for power consumption monitoring. It allows you to determine any faults and wastage in devices and systems connected to the mains, in parts of the interior wiring, as well as in lighting and air conditioning systems. This system supports both sensors for civil applications and three-phase sensors with over 2,000 Amps of absorbed power. A web interface allows you to access monitored information, to view statistical projections and to manage the system through an ordinary web browser from anywhere you are.

The new youMETER platform will include monitoring and management features for medium- and large-sized photovoltaic systems, offering smart solutions for power generation management which will reduce wastages due to either breakdowns or inefficient use of the systems. youMETER will be used both by the companies in charge of PV system management and maintenance and by PV system owners who want to have their own profits under control.

youMETER is available with three different licences, depending on installation size:

  • LITE, limited to a single local acquisition network. It is ideal for small offices and households
  • STANDARD for the control of up to five monitoring networks. It is ideal for medium-sized installations
  • PROFESSIONAL the ideal solution to monitor large-sized buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and medium- and large-sized businesses

Sistema di monitoraggio dei consumi elettrici