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WEB Business Integration
Mobile and Wireless Business Applications
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Voice recognition systems in warehouses, mobile solutions for delivery management and fleet monitoring are the main applications where Mobile & Wireless technologies are proving their value in Logistics.

ETICA completes its own solutions for logistic/production process control and its own WEB applications with Mobile & Wireless technologies for:

  • Warehouse activity management
  • Ware handling
  • Fleet tracking and management
  • Sales force management

With regard to the specific technologies we are adopting, our most popular solutions are based on both mobile phone and WiFi networks, which are used in closed environments (warehouses, terminals, etc.). The use of RFId technologies is still under development, and is currently limited to preliminary studies we have carried out for some important customers.

ETICA has also set up partnerships with important hardware manufacturers, so as to extend the range of its offer, and provide customers with hardware devices for industrial applications parallel to ETICA Software Applications.