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MES manufacturing execution system: la soluzione a supporto dei processi industriali

Consulenza e progetti on-demand, web business integration.

Applicazioni di mobile e wireless business: la soluzione senza fili per migliorare i processi aziendali e le relazioni con clienti e fornitori

Consulenza e progetti on-demand
Software per la tele assistenza e telemonitoraggio degli anziani
ADAMO was engineered and marketed by our industrial partners based on a research carried out by Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), a Turin-based research establishment. ADAMO stands out from other telemonitoring and remote emergency/rescue systems currently available in the marketplace because it features ‘remote detection’ functions integrated in a simple remote emergency/rescue system (a wristwatch with a panic button). The sensors performing these functions detect any fall or suspect immobility of the patient and promptly notify the operations centre.
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Software di programmazione e pianificazione della produzione
Within the MES offered by ETICA, Cyberplan manages the activities of production planning and scheduling. Cyberplan is a software tool based on new-generation APS (Advanced Planning System) techniques, which can respond to customers’ requests in real time, combining an efficient use of the company’s production resources with customer service optimization. Cyberplan is a leader in production planning.
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Software di movimentazione dei materiali e rintracciabilità del prodotto
An essential element of the Supply Chain for a manufacturer or a distributor is the management of material handling, by which we mean material identification and handling, space management, and product traceability. The right solution for material handling is Net@Sto, a modular system for the management of incoming and outgoing material handling, as well as of storage and shipping of raw material, semi-finished and finished products.
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